– Said by Founder & CEO of Businessbadhayen.Com

About Me

Paramanshu Prakash Agrawal

This is Paramanshu Prakash Agrawal, Business and Wellness Coach as well as Founder & CEO of Businessbadhayen.Com

Paramanshu Parkash Agrawal helps individuals & businesses to scale their revenue.

With the 15 years of experience to run Immuno Therapy and Wellness Centre,  As well as 5 years of experience of network marketing in a renowned Indian Direct Selling Company. A lot of people have benefited through the Immuno Therapy Centre. During the best 5 years of Network Marketing, The coach Mr.Paramanshu Prakash Agrawal has achieved Luxury Car, Foreign Tours and Helped the people to achieve their Goal.

After becoming a Successful Entrepreneur, the Coach decided to help those people who want to do something different and bigger in their life. So this will be helpful to these people after taking our training and Learning programs through Online webinars and Seminars .

We help you to create your personal brand, to identify your strength and to achieve your goals.

“Our misson is to create thousand and millions of entrepreneur.”

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